Tax me all you want…it doesn’t matter!

I know you're likely confused by that title,
especially considering my rabid hatred of the
government sponsored theft that is taxation.

I happen to agree with Ayn Rand on this point, and
many others, if the government is so good, let it get
it's funding my user fees and donations. That'd
solve most of the insanity in Washington because
people could keep them in line directly by just giving
or retracting donations.

Don't like the war, don't donate to the government this

Don't like the police abuses, don't give the local
government any money.

You want more government involvement, give more
and encourage others to do the same.

HA! Can you imagine?

You're likely wondering how I can reconcile the subject
line of this email with what you just read… it's easy!
They are completely unrelated. The fact is I do think
running all the levels of government based on user
fees and donations would be wonderful…I also know
it doesn't matter how much they tax us, and by us I
mean those of us who are committed to Money Getting
and entrepreneurialism.

The idea gelled for me a few days ago when I was
listening to Porter Stansberry's podcast. Porter is that
“End of America” guy. You likely saw his video salesletter
a few years ago. He owns and runs a financial newsletter
publisher, Stansberry and Associates, which is the largest
and most successful financial publisher in the country…
maybe the world.

Porter knows his shit when it comes to investing, and he
is a very smart man politically. I know he's smart because
his political ideas are almost exactly the same as my
political ideas! Lol

Even though we hold VERY similar ideas about taxation,
he commented the other day that it doesn't matter how
much the government taxes him because he'll go get it
all back plus some.


After I noodled it for a while, I must admit, I agree. I agree
because I've seen how the successful behave and I've
seen how the poor behave. And I've seen what happens
when the poor start acting like the rich…and what happens
when the rich start acting like the poor.

And indeed, Porter is correct…it doesn't matter how much
the thieving bastards steal from you…there's always a way
to get it back plus some!

So get to it, like Daymond John, of FUBU and Shark Tank
fame, says…Rise and Grind!

If you're going to out earn the bastards you'll have to…

Keep On Hustlin'

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