Dig a well? I’m not a well digger!!WIT

I’ve gotten a ton of emails the last few days asking where I’ve been the last coupla months.

Well, I guess not a ton, since emails are technically electrons and it would take a seemingly infinite number of electrons to weight a ton…so I don’t really mean a ton but a whole lot of them.

Well, honestly I’ve been very busy…you folks very wonderfully responsive when I started taking on clients again at the beginning of the year, and at the same time I landed some large contract jobs with significant financial publishers.

So I did what everyone does, which is a stone cold rookie mistake…I had a ton of busness so I stopped marketing.

I know, I know…D-U-M-B!

It was dumb, and I know it was dumb, and know it was dumb, and everyday I didn’t contact you I told myself I was being dumb, and I still was “too busy” to make sure I continued to dig the well before I needed water.

I know some business owners who don’t think thy’re in the well digging business….I can assure you we all are!!! And if you don’t dig BEFORE you’re thirsty, you might be able to dig when you are.

So why am I starting again? Am I thirsty? Do I need water all of a sudden?

No, not yet, but I havenoticed some of my influx of new business slowing.

Luckily, I was aware enough of my mistake that when I noticed my current reserve of business dwindle I started digging, well before crisis time.

Unfortunately, I see far too many business owners make this mistake and them drink every drop of water they have before they start digging again.

It’s easy to do…I council against it in businesses and therefore I should know better, but I still made the mistake.

Imagine how easy it is for someone who’s business isn’t to teach this stuff!

And recovery from the mistake can destroy the business, or keep you in a cycle of constant catch up which never allows you to really sp[read your wings and fly to the clouds.

The comfort of some money in the bank and lots of business rolling in today has been the sirens song for a business owner.

So if things are going well right now for you, and business is in an upswing, good! Grab a shovela nd spend and hour or two a day digging another well.

If things are slow, start digging FAST!! Right now!!

And don’t stop until you have several wells all producing water.

I remembered before I hit the wall…let’s make sure you don’t hit the wall either!

Until tomorrow!
Everte Farnell

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“You Only Hit Where You Aim”WIT

For those of you who don't know, in a past life" before I met my wife and, fell in love and had children, I ran around hustling pool.  I didn't play pool, I was the "stake horse" or the guy who put up the money for the hustler, Li'l Donnie Carlin, to play.  

We were pretty much a team...everyone in town knew Donnie and I ran together.  

Donnie, was 20 some years older than me, and was a real Peter Pan, if you know what I'm sayin'.

We had some fun times and some great stories...some of which I can't tell to this day!  Funny thing is I learned a LOT about business from hustling pool with Li'l Donnie and listening to his stories.  I cataloged a number of the stories in a book called "The Pool Hustler's MBA," which is out of print, but I am really seriously thinking about putting up a Kindle version.

So one day Li'l Donnie and I are at a pool hall in St Pete knocking around a few balls hoping someone would show up and want to play.  (Playing means there's money on the line, practicing means there's no cash on the game.)

Donnie was an infinitely better player than I was, as a matter of fact, I wasn't a very good pool player at all, but I did a nice job making sure the people Donnie beat didn't try and beat him up!

When I got down to take a shot, I was going to cut the object ball in the right far corner pocket and bank the cue so I would be left with a shot on one of 2 balls.  As I got down on the ball, I hadn't decided which of the 2 balls I wanted to end up behind. 

Carlin said "STOP STOP!  You can't land the ball in a spot you haven't chosen!  Look," and he walked back to the 2 balls I was looking at finishing behind, and said," you want to end your shot here (behind ball number 1) or here (behind ball number 2).  But if you don't decide which position you want, you'll end up here (in between the 2 ideal spots...but with no shot on any ball)"

I said, "You gonna let me shoot or not?"

"OK Steve, go ahead..."  (OK Steve was a code word for Donnie, it meant you were being an idiot and a know it all)

So I took my shot. Cut the object ball in nicely, but the cue ended up exactly in between the 2 places I wanted it to be.  I was amazed, Carlin had predicted to within a 1/8 of an inch where the cue would stop.

And Li'l Donnie took great pleasure in telling me how amazing it was that he had predicted it with such exacting accuracy.  lol

What he said next was, however, profound. "You can't hit a target you don't have, Everte.  You have to decide where you want to end up...period!  If you have 2 targets you'll hit right in between, and miss both."

A lot of marketing does exactly what I did on that pool table 12 13 years ago.  The entrepreneurs writing the ads want to brand themselves, generate leads, feed their ego, and impress the folks at the wife's club.  

Trying to hit all those targets means you don't hit any.

Of course, I'm a direct response guy, which means I think an ad should generate revenue, turn a  profitable ROI...period!  If we use pretty ads to do that, fine.  If we use ugly...fine.  Photos  If they're needed.  A lot of copy?  If the dollar fly in the door with it.

Generating money is the only reason to run an ad as far as I'm concerned.  Brand yourself with PR if you'd like, and it's a smart thing to do, but keep your ad budget reserved for profitable ventures!

To Your Success!
Everte Farnell

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I feel like hammered….WIT

When I get sick I just drop.  Yes, I am a first rate sissy when it comes to germs.

Thankfully I'm only sick once a year, I don't think I could deal with the ribbing I get from my wife, who's just the opposite.  When she gets sick she just pushes through....of course I'm generally only sick for a day or two and she might be sick for a week or more.  You tell me who has the better plan.

Today I feel like hammered crap!

So I took a day off work, because the funk I have has made it's run through the rest of my family and they all had it for a week or more and were really sick.  I just don't have time to be down too long, so a day off today averts a week off starting on Thursday.

Being sick gets me thinking how important a system is.  Right now there is activity going on that's paying my bills.  I don't need to be there every hour of every day, no need for it.  I have marketing systems, sales systems, we are fine tuning operations systems (which will allow me to easily sell the company if I choose)...the entire business can be run on autopilot.

Of course, of those systems, the marketing and sales systems are the most important.  Without those, nothing else matters.

Random acts of marketing are no good, trust me I know!  I've spent untold amounts of money randomly trying this and that, and it all works out to bupkis! 

Test and measure and develop the system, and you will not be disappointed...promise!

To your success!
Everte Farnell

PS.  I know this ain't my best work...bear with me, I have a GREAT story tomorrow, I just don't have it in me today to tell it right now.  A hint:  the number 5,000,000,000 is in it, and I promise...it's not what you're thinking.

PPS.  I have a  boat load of email to respond to since Friday.  Bear with me and I'll be back to each and every one of you, you have my word.

The Only 3 Ways to Improve SalesWIT

Several years ago, on a Saturday night, Rach and the babies were at her sisters and I was having a George Thorogood night...that is I was drinking alone!

About 2 and half scotches into the night I decided I needed to look at some marketing/business building videos I've had sitting on my shelf for a while...Yeah I know, I was drinking alone and the best idea I could come up with was to watch marketing videos.  I'm not sure if I'm a marketing geek or not...but I think so.

So anyway, I tossed this video in of Jay Abraham, a guy who I had never seen up to that point BUT who I have made a habit of studying from that point on.

The just of his 2 hour speech...Jay can be a bit verbose but he's very knowledgeable... was that there are only 3 ways to increase sales.

Even half in the bag I knew what I was listening to was profound!

Don't be fooled because of the simplicity, the fact is what I'm about to share with you changed my business life, and has allowed me to build businesses with lightening speed, namely starting a company in October of 2008 and writing a mill-yun (spam filter alert) bucks in business in just 16 months, and bought another company and 10X the sales in just 2 years.  

So don't think because what I'm sharing is simple that it's not extremely powerful....what I'm about to tell you is incredibly powerful.

So the 3 ways to build a business,

Increase new customers,
Increase customer value, and
Increase customer frequency

That's it, but the exciting stuff happens when you increase new lead flow just a little, then increase customer value just a little, and finally increase frequency just a little.  

The increases become exponential, and sales grow lightening fast.

Specific example are beyond the scope of this email, but sit down with a calculator and play with some numbers...you'll be floored, I promise!

Here's to you success!

Are We In A Recession Or A Recovery? How Your Business Can Make Tons of Money In Either.WIT

I routinely hear business owners bemoan the economy.

"Oh, with the economy like it is sales are down bad!” or “I just don't know what I'm gonna do if sales don't pick up. Things haven't been this bad since I opened the shop 10 years ago.”

The grumping and griping goes on and on.

When all this first started my competitors in the contracting business I was running were complaining no one wanted to spend any money. I never had any problems, but a bunch of my salespeople and bunch of my competitors cried like a little babies.

It occurred to me the answer was in positioning and sales. We had the positioning part down no problems, but the sales part was giving a few of my guys trouble.

I worked with them, took them on appointments so they could see how I closed 90% of the folks I had an appointment with. I tried to train them, but eventually I had to let one guy go. He just couldn't get it in his head the economy didn't make a damned bit of difference to the customer, it only made a difference to him!

And there you have it. The secret to making a fortune is refusing to believe the “economy” matters to a properly prepared, well qualified prospect.

Now if you're not properly preparing the folks you're talking to, not positioning yourself correctly and just going out (or sending salespeople out) to talk to unqualified unprepared people, well you can blame that one the economy but it's just not true.

Admittedly, the economy has made the prospect pool smaller (someone who can't afford your product or service isn't a prospect.) and has made prospects more cautious, but once they decide they want something they don't care one lick about the economy.

So you have to step up marketing, you have to step up positioning and qualifying, and you might have to raise your prices. If you do, do it.

Here's the truth, prospects, true prospects, don't care about higher price, they care about value. And your value proposition is found in your positioning material. Your positioning material should precede the appointment. Sometimes by a few days, sometimes by a few minutes. Either way, it should precede the appointment.

If you're at a loss about how to position your company, you can get a start here:  http://poolhustlersmba.com/getin-action