“You’re either ALL IN or ALL OUT on everything aren’t you!” She said.WIT

Just about an hour ago, while writing this I had a conversation with my beloved, Her Majesty Queen Rachel.

We are seriously planning on immigrating to Ireland in the reasonably near future…likely within 2 years. Before we go, we thought it would be nice to go see some folks we’d like to reconnect with and see some sites here in the States.

Rach has wanted a camper FOREVER and it made sense to combine the 2 visions.

She proposed we spend some time on the road, traveling….RV’ing really.

Now that I’ve shed my “real” business and can be mobile, it seemed like a good idea, so after some thought, I agreed wholeheartedly, excitedly…I flat got fired up about the idea!

Now when I agree to something like that, I’m all in. I’m like, “Let’s go! Sixty days and we’re on the road. Find a pull behind camper and let’s get started!”

Rach on the other hand, is more on the plan for every contingency program.

If it were up to me we’d be hitting the road next week!

At the end of our conversation she said to me, “You’re either all in or all out about EVERYTHING, aren’t you!”

To which I answered, “YES!”

Let em tell ya, life’s too damned short!!

My father died when he was just 54 years old…hel, that’s middle age by today’s standards.

For a long time I forgot how short life can be. I forgot to do what I loved. I had a family and I fell for the ol’, “you gotta do what you gotta do” bullshit!

For years I walked with one foot on the practical side..the side where I was good at what I hated and did it because it paid the bills. I made forays, dabbles into the other world…the world in which my dreams reside, but I was scared to make the leap because “I gots responsibilities!”

I made the leap in January and it cost me everything I had work to build for years.

It all collapsed. The business I built, all my net worth, everything…gone!

And I can’t remember when I’ve felt more free and happier!

I am solidly in the place my dreams reside now, doing what I love with the people I like working with.

There’s one or two more things for me to shed, but that’s just around the corner. When I was “dipping my toe in,” I never found success in this world, now that I’m committed…opportunities are opening up left and right.

For years I called it sucker speak, the whole “do what you love” thing. I was wrong!

I was blind but now I see!

If there’s part of your life you don’t like…you don’t love, shed it! It might take some planning or maybe not.

No matter what, if you’re not “All In!” then get hel out!!

To your success!
Everte Farnell

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Until tomorrow my vinr (friend!)