Someone Breaking into my Home

The other night I was lying in bed, almost asleep when I heard a loud bang.

I jumped out of bed, not got up, but jumped! It sounded like someone banged into the glass doors on the back of our home.

I grabbed my .45 cal, stuck in the magazine, pulled the slide to load a round and started clearing the house like they taught in the police academy all those years ago.

It’s funny how training never leaves. I noticed I was holding the weapon without my finger the trigger. Rather it was laying on the side of the pistol, about .1 seconds away from the trigger, but far enough to avoid an accidental discharge.

I walked out of my bedroom slowly, and scanned the open area in front of me for an intruder. Nothing!

Then I took a slow step and scanned my right, in the sitting room, which has a sliding glass door.

Keep in mind all this happened in a matter of seconds. I jumped our of bed, grabbed my weapon and got out to the sitting room in maybe 6 or 7 seconds.

And there was Rocky, our Rottie/Aussie mix, a bit dazed in the sitting room and one of our cats, Lilly, on the other side of the glass door, calmly walking around in front of the glass door. And the reality of the situation occurred to me and started to laugh uproariously!

Rocky saw Lilly and sprinted after her…only to find the sliding glass door shut. BANG! Lilly was prancing around like she knew it the entire time.

Rocky was made to seem a fool because he didn’t look where he was going, and lots and lots of business owners do the same thing…regularly.

They see a new marketing widget and BANG, they buy it. They see a new wiz bang piece of technology which will solve all their ills and BANG! they shell out a ton of dough to get it/use it.

They see a speaker at a seminar and he sounds good so BANG! out comes the credit card so they can grab some of what the speaker’s got.

And all the while, over and over again they are made to look like fools. At least Rocky only did it once!!

Here’s the truth, solid fundamentals will grow your business like nothing else. Integrating new media, technology, etc. into those basics can be wonderful and powerful, but without the basics….BANG! head into glass door.

So get your basics down, then all the wiz bang stuff can pay HUGE dividends…but not until.

To your success
Everte Farnell

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