My Wife’ll Make You $100K This Year

The other day my wife got a piece of direct mail from Travel Magazine. It had some of the standard gimmicks, like “Free Gift Enclosed Do Not Bend.”

That’s one of the mistakes they made, by the way. They said “Free Gift,” then the Free Gift was a bonus with purchase. Made my wife feel like they lied to her!

My wife was talking to me about her experience with the letter, and you better believe people have experiences with letters they get in the mail. That’s why direct mail is so good, because it involves a multi-sensory experience, at the very least touch and sight…sometimes more.

The big thing was the envelope. She is pretty harsh on ads and especially direct mail pieces…being married to a master and all… so they have to work to get her to even open the envelope.

She opened the envelope because it “felt” important. The envelope was thick and made from a good paper stock and it felt like an important piece of of correspondence.

I’m giving you gold right now so don’t you dare ignore this because it’s not as entertaining as my emails usually are.

The feel of the envelope was that of an important piece of correspondence, so she opened the letter when normally she never would.

She was not fooled by the envelope, she knew this was a salesletter. She just realized in retrospect she had unconsciously “felt” the letter was important because of the feel of the stock the envelope was made out of.

Here’s the thing, she’s 1 in a 1000 people who could articulate this like she did. Most people wouldn’t give a second thought to the envelope or the contents or why they opened it, and if you asked them why they opened it they’d say, “I don’t know, I just wanted to see what was inside.”

But my wife explained to me, “It felt important and I felt important reviewing it!”

She told me, “If we did any traveling at all, I’d have bought!”

This is an incredibly important piece of information, and one I’m afraid too many people will ignore. It was a damned salesletter and the stock of the envelope sold the product…she’d have bought because they made her feel important by sending her a salesletter which was in an envelope made with a premium paper stock. It was a damned salesletter!! And it made her feel important for a few seconds or a minute.

Now, in case your “Thick as a Brick” I will write that again, the stock the envelope was made out of made my wife feel important and so she opened and would have bought if she could’ve made even the flimsiest of excuses to herself.

This was not a conscious feeling on her part, like I said most people wouldn’t be able to articulate it. This was a brief, but extremely powerful and important subconscious feeling she got when she picked up the envelope!

They fell short of the sale, but it wouldn’t take much to make up that ground!

If you’re not thinking about the experience your prospect is getting when they get your mail, you’re losing sales. They’re not opening it, they’re not seeing your message and they’re not buying.

Micromanage each and every detail of your mailing process, and if you can’t or won’t… find someone to do it for you!

To your Success
Everte Farnell

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