Dig a well? I’m not a well digger!!

I’ve gotten a ton of emails the last few days asking where I’ve been the last coupla months.

Well, I guess not a ton, since emails are technically electrons and it would take a seemingly infinite number of electrons to weight a ton…so I don’t really mean a ton but a whole lot of them.

Well, honestly I’ve been very busy…you folks very wonderfully responsive when I started taking on clients again at the beginning of the year, and at the same time I landed some large contract jobs with significant financial publishers.

So I did what everyone does, which is a stone cold rookie mistake…I had a ton of busness so I stopped marketing.

I know, I know…D-U-M-B!

It was dumb, and I know it was dumb, and know it was dumb, and everyday I didn’t contact you I told myself I was being dumb, and I still was “too busy” to make sure I continued to dig the well before I needed water.

I know some business owners who don’t think thy’re in the well digging business….I can assure you we all are!!! And if you don’t dig BEFORE you’re thirsty, you might be able to dig when you are.

So why am I starting again? Am I thirsty? Do I need water all of a sudden?

No, not yet, but I havenoticed some of my influx of new business slowing.

Luckily, I was aware enough of my mistake that when I noticed my current reserve of business dwindle I started digging, well before crisis time.

Unfortunately, I see far too many business owners make this mistake and them drink every drop of water they have before they start digging again.

It’s easy to do…I council against it in businesses and therefore I should know better, but I still made the mistake.

Imagine how easy it is for someone who’s business isn’t to teach this stuff!

And recovery from the mistake can destroy the business, or keep you in a cycle of constant catch up which never allows you to really sp[read your wings and fly to the clouds.

The comfort of some money in the bank and lots of business rolling in today has been the sirens song for a business owner.

So if things are going well right now for you, and business is in an upswing, good! Grab a shovela nd spend and hour or two a day digging another well.

If things are slow, start digging FAST!! Right now!!

And don’t stop until you have several wells all producing water.

I remembered before I hit the wall…let’s make sure you don’t hit the wall either!

Until tomorrow!
Everte Farnell

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