“I don’t know why I did it…”

Several weeks ago I was attending a PR summit held by a local business group (Tampa Bay Business Owners -TBBO.Org). There were some fantastic speakers scheduled and they all delivered wonderfully.

One of the speakers was talking about how to use Facebook, and mentioned some very cool new business applications the Facebook management team has implemented, and a question came from the crowd…

“I don’t have a personal page, I have a corporate page. Can I still do this stuff?”

The speakers replies, “A corporate page? Oh, you mean a page for corporate branding?”

And the attendee answered, “I don’t know why I have it, I was just told I should have one so I set it up.”

And therein is the problem with doing things by yourself…or worse yet listen to some Guru tell you half the story and and go off half-cocked.

What business owners really need is someone who can sit down with them, go over the tools available, pick a few tools that’ll work, and help them implement those tools in their business. A few tools this quarter, a few tools next quarter, and before you know it you have a business that’s growing by leaps and bounds.

It’s not really rocket science…when you caught up in the day to day, however, it can seem impossible.

That’s why it’s so important to hire consultants. I sure as heck did when I was running a “real” bricks and mortar business. I knew my strong point was NOT operations, so I asked some folks to help with it.

Of course, most business owners strong point IS operations. I just came from a marketing background, so mine is marketing.

It’s funny, I listened to Guru’s about hiring, listen to Guru’s about procedures, listened to Gurus’ about how to motivate people…but until I hired a consultant to help with some of these things I never saw any real progress.

Getting customers wasn’t any problem for me at all.

I know the opposite is true with most of my clients…most of them can easily fulfill the sales they make, it’s getting the customers that’s the problem.

Although I did drop a mailing for a Domino’s Pizza guy years ago and he went nuts (in a bad way) because the response was too good…it caused a flood of business he couldn’t handle. He called the office yelling at us because he was swamped! Not the worst problem to have, is it?

So, in order to help you solve your marketing problems, I am offering, for a few more days, to come in and do a day of consulting for you at a ridiculously low investment. When these last few days are done, the investment for a day of consulting will be in the neighborhood of $5K…which is still a bargain if you look at the rate many Direct Marketing Consultants get.

For the next few days, however, you will get a 70% discount! You’ll only need to invest $1500 for a day, and you have up to a year to use the day. We can schedule right away, or you can wait a few months so we can work on something more relevant at that time.

If you wait to book the day, it’ll cost you more like $5K.

Make sure to shoot over to the order page and secure your day right now…I have even included a 3 pay option if funds a little tight for you just now. Trust me, I bootstrapped 3 businesses to success, I understand the need to fit things in cashflow, so I made it brain dead easy for you to say “Yes!”.

To your success!
Everte Farnell

PS. Remember, when the rate jumps later this week that’s it…period. No exceptions. If you’ve been thinking about a consulting day, NOW is the time to secure it!

PPS. I know the order form isn’t fancy…I created it real quick just so I could have a way of easily processing charge It’s by no means a form I’ll be using for more few days, so don’t worry about how plain the form is, think about the increases to your bottom line you’ll get by using it!

PPPS. Yes the payment option runs a little more…Don’t let that dissuade you…secure your day right now!

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